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Samar Attar. Review of the Vital Roots of European Enlightenment: Ibn Tufayl’s Influence on Modern Western Thought. translated by Ayşenur Alper. İstanbul: Albaraka Publications, 2021.

Emrah KAYA

(İlahiyat Tetkikleri Dergisi 2022; 1: 74-76) DOI: 10.5152/ilted.2022.221947

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Roy, Oliver. Is Europe Christian. translated by Cynthia Schoch. New York: Oxford University Publications, 2019.

Nesrin ÜNLÜ

(İlahiyat Tetkikleri Dergisi 2022; 1: 71-73) DOI: 10.5152/ilted.2022.220820

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An Analysis of the Legal Provisions of Entering the Mosque for Menstruated Women


(İlahiyat Tetkikleri Dergisi 2022; 1: 63-70) DOI: 10.5152/ilted.2022.2243108

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